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Email Campaign
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number of contacts Unit price in GBP
0 - 4 999 £ 0,032 £ 0,048
5 000 - 7 999 £ 0,030 £ 0,045
8 000 - 14 999 £ 0,028 £ 0,042
15 000 - 29 999 £ 0,026 £ 0,039
>= 30 000 £ 0,021 £ 0,032

“ Email marketing or Email Campaign, is a powerful direct marketing tool, to instantly contact a set of customers or prospects... ”


  • Importing of your email list
  • Customizing your template or importing your HTML template
  • Sending mailings (Professional Routing Service)
  • Statistical Report (DELIVERED, OPENED, CLICKED and more...)

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PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order of 150 GBP per order

* What is a Follow-up ?
A follow-up is a reminder sent out to your email list as part of a direct marketing campaign. The follow-up can be done on all individuals who have not responded to the offer or as part of an e-mail campaign, only to people who clicked on the message, but didn't convert. Follow-ups are tempting in the field of email marketing because the contact cost is low, however, they can irritate recipients. When prospecting, the practice of follow-ups generally must be negotiated with the owner or broker owner of the file before the campaign.

Email Marketing Glossary

Acceptable Spam Report Rate - The rate at which you can be reported as SPAM without harming your sender reputation. Anything over 0.1% (1 report per 1000 emails) will get a warning.

Blacklist - A list that denotes IP addresses as spammer IPs, impeding email deliverability.

Bounce Rate - The rate at which your emails are not delivered. There are two types of bounces, hard and soft, both of which are defined later in this glossary. An acceptable bounce rate is less than 5%.

Bulk Mail - Large scale email marketing sends in which the same content goes to a large group of people.

Clicks Per Delivered - A percentage measure of the number of clicks divided by the number of emails delivered to the intended inbox.

Clicks Per Open - A percentage measure of the number of clicks divided by the number of opens.

CTR (Click-Through Rate) - The percentage (the number of unique clicks divided by the number that were opened) of recipients that click on a given URL in your email.

Conversion Rate - The percentage of recipients who respond to your call-to-action in an email marketing campaign or promotion. This is one measure of your email campaign’s success.

Double Opt-In - The recommended method of building an email list, it requires subscribers to confirm their opt in by clicking a link in a confirmation email or responding to the confirmation email in some other way.

Email Campaign - An email or series of lead nurturing emails designed to accomplish an overall marketing goal.

Email Sponsorships - Buying ad space in an email newsletter or sponsoring a specific article or series of articles. Advertisers pay to have their ad inserted into the body of the email.

Hard Bounce - A hard bounce is the failed delivery of an email due to a permanent reason like a non-existent, invalid, or blocked email address.

House List (or Retention List) - One of your most valuable marketing assets, it's a permission-based list that you built yourself with opt-in subscribers.

HTML Email - Sending HTML email makes it possible to get creative with the design of your emails.

IP Warmup - Sending a progressively increasing number of emails out of an IP address in order to build the IP's reputation.

Landing Page - A lead-capture page on your website that is linked to from an email to provide additional information directly related to products or services promoted in the email's call-to-action.

List Segmentation - Selecting a target audience or group of individuals for whom your email message is relevant. A segmented list means a more targeted and relevant email campaign, thus a higher response rate and less unsubscribes and spam reports.

Open Rate - The percentage of emails opened in an email marketing campaign, or the percentage opened of the total number of emails sent.

Opt-In (or Subscribe) - To opt-in or subscribe to an email list is to choose to receive email communications by supplying your email address to a particular company, website or individual thereby giving them permission to email you. The subscriber can often indicate areas of personal interest (e.g. mountain biking) and/or indicate what types of emails they wish to receive from the sender (e.g. newsletters).

Opt-Out (or Unsubscribe) - When a subscribers chooses not to receive email communications from the sender anymore, and requests removal from your email list. It is legally required that you provide a clear way to opt out in every email you send.

Personalization – Adding elements to your email that are personalized based on information you already know about them. It could refer to addressing the recipient by name, referencing past purchases, or other content unique to each recipient.

Physical Address / Signature file - The physical, street address of the company sending the email, usually found in the footer of an email. Its inclusion is a legal requirement for all email marketing.

Plain Text Email - An email sent without HTML. You should always give your recipients the option to read emails in either HTML or plain text for better readability.

Privacy Policy - A clear description of a website or company’s policy on the use of information collected from and about website visitors and what they do, and do not do, with the data.

Read or Open Length - A measure of the length of time a person opens the email until they close it.